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Tigurian Atlantic Company is active in two areas:
head of advisor
We provide strategic support for international investment architectures.
fruit baskets in market
We offer guidance for entrepreneurs. We support young brands that revive cultural traditions in a contemporary context.
We build bridges across the Atlantic, drawing on our European-American heritage,.

We provide strategic support.

We provide strategic support:
Clarity of Purpose
Clarity of Purpose
Investment Architecture
Investment Architecture
Hands-on governance
Hands-on Governance
Cross-cultural Sensitivity
Cross-cultural Sensitivity
Our typical clients are entrepreneurs, families and institutional investors who are finding themselves at a strategic inflection point. They have something of value: capital, a business portfolio, a fresh idea. They see a world full of opportunity but are mindful of the risks that are inherent in cross-border expansion. In such situations, guidance, stewardship and governance become the predominant concerns.

We provide strategic support by helping our clients to
- Make workable arrangements with business partners on both sides of the Atlantic;
- Contain the risks associated with cross-border commitments; and
- Design and implement suitable investment architectures.

On a technical level, we believe it is essential to take a close look at the investment conduits that undergird any given strategy. Clients may need to consider a full range of options, including acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures and partnerships, but also financing and custody arrangements, risk controls, business policies, family office structures and more. When our clients approach tasks of this nature, we pay particular attention to the nexus of financial, legal and political risks that arise at the intersection of jurisdictions.

We make life easier for corporate boards by coordinating the activities of external advisers, service providers and overseas partners.

We offer guidance for entrepreneurs.

We offer guidance for entrepreneurs:
Elegance of design
Functional tools
Cultural authenticity
Competent craft
To keep our strategic advice rooted in the day-to-day reality of business, we have set up a small ‘entrepreneurial workshop.’

We work with entrepreneurs to develop brands and products that revive cherished cultural traditions in contemporary contexts. In particular, we enjoy creating simple, practical tools for people who appreciate tangible quality. The kind of brand experience we seek requires sound design, a focus on function, an authentic story and respect for craftsmanship.

"Happiness springs from clarity of purpose."

Hannes Frey, Principal
Portrait of Hannes Frey
Hannes Frey is a corporate director and board advisor on international business strategies.
Prior to establishing the Tigurian Atlantic Company, he managed a privately held, international investment company with a multi-billion dollar portfolio and strategic interests the pharmaceuticals and financial services sectors.
From 2001 to 2003 he was Head of Corporate Affairs at Novartis where he guided the worldwide management of strategic issues, introduced political risk management, and implemented the company’s highly regarded corporate citizenship policy.
From 1986 to 2000, he practiced investment banking at UBS in New York and later became Chief of Staff for the Americas. In this role, he headed the U.S. integration office for the merger of UBS and Swiss Bank Corporation, including SBC Warburg Dillon Read. Completed in 1998, this was one of the world’s largest transactions at the time.
During the 1990s he was also Chairman of the Swiss Institute of New York, the leading Swiss cultural institution in the United States.
He has studied law at the University of Zurich, business administration at Harvard and, more recently, history at Oxford.
Kristin Lende Frey, Principal
Portrait of Kristin Frey
Kristin Lende Frey focuses on the entrepreneurial side of the business. She is presently working on a project to develop a contemporary version of the traditional, hand-powered American butter churn.
She has studied German, French and comparative literature. Her professional experience is in the healthcare and eduction sectors.
Tigurian Atlantic Company LLC

Tigurian Atlantic Company LLC delivers its services within the parameters of general management consulting. We are not licensed to act as investment advisors, asset managers, broker dealers, attorneys, lobbyists or in similarly regulated functions in the United States or any other jurisdiction.

We are located in New Canaan, Connecticut, within easy reach of New York City.

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Kristin Lende Frey, principal
Jojo Frey, head of communications and administration
Kristina Frey, independent project manager and advisor to the company
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